I am Raoul

I am a Genoa based developer specialized in programming and web design.
Welcome to my website!

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This is me. Developer by day & web designer by night. I never sleep… almost.

“You do not need to be mad to be a developer (but it helps)”

“Once I had a life. Now I have a computer and wi-fi”

“Life is too short to remove the USB key securely”

“The computer is the bike of our mind”

“Hardware: the part of a computer that you can kicking”

“To err is human, to blame the computer is even more”

“Computers have lots of memory, but no fantasy”

“Three things are certain: death, taxes, and loss of data on your computer”

“The computers are so fast because they do not think”

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but it requires 3,000 times more disk space”

“After 3 am, only two categories of people are at work: the prostitutes and programmers”


Carried projects


Days of experience


Lines of code written


Programming languages learned


Coffee a day

How I work

  • All web sites and platforms that I develop are responsive and would work best depending on the device the user is using

  • I give much importance to details, simplicity, cleanliness of the web pages and the linearity of the site

  • Besides developing, if necessary, I can create logos or artwork for clients

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Web Design

Design style, layout and graphics of your website

Web Development

Concretely realize the web site that you had imagined

24/7 Support

Constant updating of content and site technology

SEO Consulting

Carrying out activities aimed at obtaining a better reading of the website by the search engines

Social Media

Connections and interactions to your social networks


Creating an online market according to your needs

For any questions please contact me via email (raoul.dapozzo@gmail.com) or with the form below